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North Fremantle Apartment

Working on this North Fremantle apartment certainly had its challenges. My client spends so much time travelling with work and is not in town often at all. I ended up taking a lot of pictures of furniture and art. I then sent them via the internet and waited for his reply.

The Living and Dining Room

Fremantle Apartment_01

The client wanted the open plan lounge and dining room to be modern and comfortable. I love the Breda chair and ottoman. It is by Punt Mobles and is available from Mobilia. It took a little while to find the right coffee table. I wanted to make a contrast between the modern oaks and bring in the industrial influence from the Fremantle ports. This coffee table has a zinc surface and iron legs and castors. The dining chairs are by Inclass and are available from Mobilia.

The View

Fremantle Apartment_02

You can just catch a glimpse of the view from the balcony here. It really is quite special watching the ships come and go from far away places. These tables are by Kettal and are available from Mobilia. The concrete geometric shapes on tables are by Bec Tougas. I love as many plants as possible in interiors at the moment. It instantly adds life to the space. The art is by a NY street artist and was a gift from family.

The Kitchen

Fremantle Apartment_06

The kitchen is a great place for cooking and entertaining. The stools are the Tao by Inclass. They are available from Mobilia.

The Entrance and one of my favourite areas of the apartment.

Fremantle Apartment_05

The side board was the first major purchase for this apartment. It is the Tactile by Punt Mobles and is available from Mobilia in Claremont. I found the vintage travel agents cruise ship on a buying trip to Melbourne. It is from one of the coolest stores Tarlo & Graham. The ship lights up too. The client found the Airport diagrams on Ebay. I had these framed at Preservation Framers.

Fremantle Apartment_08

The Maritime is one of my all time favourite chairs. I had been waiting for the right interior to show case it’s beauty. It is shaped like the hull of a ship and is perfect in this North Fremantle apartment. It is by Casa Mania and is from District. The art above the chair is by Ruth Ander and is from Columbia Road Gallery in London.


Fremantle Apartment_04

The art above the fireplace is by Hannah Ludnow. The painting is one of three that I purchased for my client in London at Columbia Road Gallery. It made for some interesting conversations taking the large scale painting through customs at Heathrow. The antique ship pulleys were sourced locally at Yachts Grotto in Fremantle.

Fremantle Apartment_12

The He Said, She Said black chair is by Matiazzi and the Key Side Table is by One Nordic Design. They are both available from District.

The Master Bedroom

Fremantle Apartment_10

My client requested a grown up bedroom. I set about getting quality goose down donnas and pillows and high thread count bedlinen. I believe it makes all the difference when you invest in good bedding. The artwork in the bedroom is by Space Craft. I was instantly attracted to the tall ship and colour of the screen print. I originally saw it above the fireplace but it was too large. I now think it is perfect in the bedroom. If any one doesn’t know Space Craft they are a Melbourne based company who specialise in Textile screen printing and are available in Perth at Empire. The industrial side tables are by Empire. The angle poise lamps were a great find at Ikea. I went back to get one for my home the next day and they were all sold out.


The Spare Bedroom.

Fremantle Apartment_13

The chair is the Osso by Mattiazzi and available from District. The painting is another by Hannah Ludnow. She has a gallery in East London. Columbia Road Galleries. Her paintings are usually of Cornwall and I love the texture and colour in her paintings. I found the Fremantle tea chest lid beside the road well before I started this interiors project. It sits right at home in the spare bedroom now.

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The French inspired bedroom

This home is a real beauty built by Tony Tomizzi . My client had been hoping to decorate the master bedroom since they moved in 4 years ago. With a family business and three busy children she hadn’t quite got around to it. Enter me! The space is fantastic with a luxurious en suite that would leave any hotel for dead. First up, I made a private mood board on Pinterest. This allowed me to show the client ideas and a feel and then it was time to shop.

The Main Bedroom


My client really wanted some individual pieces for her bedroom so I started scouring reclamation yards and antique stores for old doors, window frames, even gates to use as a bed head. I ended up finding this set of antique shutters at Tarlo and Graham in Melbourne and shipped them across to Perth. It is a fantastic store for finding unique pieces. The nude water colours were found in a little old junk store and reframed at Preservation Framers. The side drawers are from Corner store.  The velvet and linen cushions and the linen throw are by Linum. I am loving these moody greys and blues. My simple tip is always use feather cushion fillers. It will give your room a more luxurious feel.

The Reading Nook (or somewhere for your husband to throw his clothes)


The Rostino arm chair is from Corner Store. Above the chair is a beautiful painting by Melissa Egan from Linton and Kay gallery. The classic Bentwood stool was a lucky roadside pick up.


Anglepoise lamp from Empire and vase filled with some beach foliage from Country Road.


There was a discussion about weather to keep or replace this antique tall boy. After a paint in Dulux Whisper White it works. On top of the drawers is the lamp with porcelain base from Empire, a vase from Country Road and some antique crystal that belonged to my client’s Grandma.


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Welcome to The Beach Shack

Welcome to our humble home which we fondly call The Beach Shack. It’s filled with so many favourite things I’ve collected over the years. I thought you may like to see how a stylist gets by with a very easy going husband Grant (He is a photographer and took these pics), two beautiful adventurous boys, Harrison and Wilkie. Plus The Taylor Ladies, our chickens, also known as Rebel, French Toast, Dippy Egg and Fluffy .

The Entrance

Beach Shack_37

The beach sign was painted by Harrison and he is so proud of it.  We keep all of our beach gear including towels at the entrance ready for a quick walk to the beach. This photograph of Harrison is a favourite. The crown was made at nursery to celebrate the royal wedding in London.

The Living Room

Beach Shack_04

The purple Fritz Hansen chair was my very first furniture purchase at Camden Stables in London. It has been calling out to be reupholstered for a long time but I also love that it is the original fabric. I keep changing my mind on colour. The pink spotty cushion is by Mrs Darcy. The shelves are home to some of our favourite books, old family photos, Grant’s Polaroid Land camera and other things collected from all over the place . The art above the chair is by Banksy. We spent our first five years just off Regent Street in London and had a permanent golf sale sign on the corner for most of that time. We then moved to Brick Lane as Banksy was starting to make a name in the area. It reminds us of good times in London. The numbers art is by Ben Eine.

Beach Shack_07Beach Shack_06Beach Shack_10

I love that we have a wood fireplace in the beach shack. It’s not needed very often here in Perth but I use the mantle to put my vases by Have you met Miss Jones and some cuttings or branches  from the garden. The  wooden pulley to the left is either from a West End theatre or a ship. We have never gotten to the bottom of that story. The wooden stool is from Empire Homes. The artwork above the fireplace is by Xenz and was a gift from Grant.

Beach Shack_11

Grant’s Mum on her Vespa. She belonged to the Vespa club back then and used to dink Grant’s Dad around.

Entrance to main living area

The sideboard is a G-plan from Islington in London. It has moved to every house and we make it work because we love it.  On the sideboard is another piece of art by Xenz, a drawing of the Easter bunny on a blackboard by Harrison, some old photos, a glass dome from Empire, some old science vessels and a Concorde model from a travel agent. Grant loves Concorde and you will see there is a few pieces of Concorde paraphernalia around the house including the framed stamp sheets above the sideboard from its first launch in 1969. I try and bring as many plants into the house as I can keep alive. The white basket is by Mediterranean Markets.

The Bedroom

Beach Shack_15

I have been looking for the perfect bed head for years and finally decided to get an inexpensive wooden one from Ikea and paint it bright yellow. I really like it and it looks fantastic with this piece of oversized art by Spacecraft. The artwork reminds me of Melbourne, our home town. This piece was from Empire. On the bed is a cushion by my good friend Shanie at Etoile Home. The breakfast tray was from Habitat. Nothing beats the occasional Sunday breakfast in bed.

Beach Shack_14

This armoire was bought on eBay France for our home in London. We still have the place there and it is quite different to the beach shack. Our home in London is quite monochromatic. The beach life seems to have brought out my colourful side. The orange dress is from Morrison. They have become my uniform since moving to Perth. I have this one in black also and call it my every second day dress.

Beach Shack_38Beach Shack_41

The Bathroom

Beach Shack_29

Some nice products, a bit of white paint and plants brighten up this very basic bathroom.

Beach Shack_19

The Kitchen

Beach Shack_51

I do a lot of cooking for work when I am styling on food photo shoots. When my husband first sent me pictures of this house my first comment was “I need a better oven than that.” Fortunately there is another one and this one just adds charm to the old kitchen. I love a good blackboard for writing lists or when the kids need entertaining while I cook. The chopping boards are from House of Orange.

Beach Shack_42Beach Shack_18

The Melbourne picture was purchased in Santa Barbara of course! It is a vintage travel agents poster and Grant’s grandfather looked after the gardens in the top of the picture when he first immigrated from Scotland. The vintage teapot is from a beautiful friend in London and the kettle was a gift from one of my favourite cousin. The Bialetti espresso maker forms part of Grant’s coffee making ritual along with the grinder to the right of the picture.

Beach Shack_17

My best purchase since moving to Perth would have to be my Kitchen Aid. I used a hand held one for years but these are great for making cakes and so much more with the kids.

The Boys Bedroom

Beach Shack_24Beach Shack_27Beach Shack_25Beach Shack_28Beach Shack_20

Some leftover Christmas decorations. Has anyone noticed I have a thing for yellow yet? The decanters are vintage that I’ve collected on my travels.

Beach Shack_23

The Office and Playroom.

Beach Shack_45Beach Shack_36

This side of the house is a series of wonky rooms that lead to the back door. I have filled the walls with photographs, postcards, children’s artwork and inspiration from my work and  travels. The cushions in the back room are by Bonnie and Neil.

Beach Shack_30

The wire shelves with plants and toys in them are by Mediterranean Markets. The outdoor shower is ideal for keeping some of the sand outside of the house. This ones from Freedom and connects up to a hose. People ask how I get the herbs growing so well. Um! I tip the grey water from the washing machine onto them when I remember. They seem to thrive in this beautiful Perth weather with not much attention at all. I use them mostly to add a bit of greenery through the house.

Beach Shack_31

The Taylor Ladies front door.

Beach Shack_35

The boys love collecting the eggs from The Taylor Ladies. It is a good day when they get four eggs as it means we have enough to make brownies.

Beach Shack_49

I am normally much more comfortable behind the scenes but this photo is very special to me.

Beach Shack_50

The boys hanging out in the tree on the front lawn at sunset.  I love these boys. This house has so much space for adventures. Wilkie spends hours digging in the sand pit or playing in the cubby house and we think there may also be pirates living right up the back in the sand dunes.

Beach Shack_32

And that is the Beach Shack. She’s not the prettiest house on the block, but it works for us.  I hope you enjoyed this post.

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Morrison Home

Old French work bench, Have you met Miss Jones ceramics and a pop of yellow from the garden!

Old French work bench, Have you met Miss Jones ceramics and a pop of yellow from the garde96b_05596b_147Black and white rug from Empire, Ceramics and candles from Morrison, lemons from the garden.

Black and white rug from Empire, Ceramics and candles from Morrison, lemons from the garden.

96b_14696b_151Amber vases from Empire,   Medici chair from Table and Chair.Amber vases from Empire, Medici chair from Table and Chair.96b_012

Bureau from Revival Hill

Bureau from Revival Hill

Greta Jalk Sofa and Chairs, cushion from House of Orange.

Greta Jalk Sofa and Chairs, cushion from House of Orange.

Country Road throw, Osso pink chair from Table and Chair, Bench at end of bed from Empire, Vintage Sanderson fabric cushion hand made by me!

Country Road throw, Osso pink chair from Table and Chair, Bench at end of bed from Empire, Vintage Sanderson fabric cushion hand made by me!


Aura green throw, Empire bench seat

Aura green throw, Empire bench seat

Empire green trunk, throws and cushion from Country Road.

Empire green trunk, throws and cushion from Country Road.


Antique children's chair and French skittles.

Antique children’s chair and French skittles.

Robot lamp from

Robot lamp from

Aesop products and Orla Kiely towels in the bathroom

Aesop products and Orla Kiely towels in the bathroom

Empire hurricane candles and Aura table runner from

Empire hurricane candles and Aura table runner from

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An empty space waiting to happen..

North Fremantle apartment

I’m starting from scratch with this amazing apartment in North Fremantle. Mood boards, sourcing furniture, artwork, bedlinen, window treatments and.. – well everything! It overlooks the Docks, with views of historic Fremantle, including the Maritime Museum. I’m thinking… Mid century design with touches of New York loft style living and a hint of it’s industrial location. Watch this space!


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